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Resources Available to Borrow from LESC

Please see below for a list of the resources we have available to loan to schools in our catchment area. An explanation of the resources can be found below the list.

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Bronze Age Handling Box

The Bronze Age Handling Box is a resource for teachers to use in the classroom, when teaching about topics relating to the Bronze Age in Ireland.

The box contains museum quality replica objects based on archaeological artefacts at the National Museum of Ireland; examples of raw materials used by people during the Bronze Age based on evidence from archaeological sites; additional educational classroom resources and a booklet of teaching guidelines.

There are 42 of these handling boxes located in the Education Centres around Ireland. The microsite for the project contains information about the contents, a timeline and information about the time period.

Bronze Age Handling Box | Archaeology | National Museum of Ireland


Dyslexia Screening Kit Junior (Pearsons)

The Dyslexia Screen Test- Junior (DST-J) can be used to identify children in infant and junior school who are at risk of dyslexia. Please note: Dyslexia Screening Test – 2nd Edition (DST-2) will publish in 2023 and combines the DAST, DEST-2, DST-J, and DST-S.

Dyslexia Screening Test - Junior (DST-J) (pearsonclinical.co.uk)


InO Bots (1 Set)

Program and control our most advanced floor robot, all via the popular Scratch 2.0 programming language or an iOS app. InO-Bot has been specially designed to get the most out of your programming lessons. Children can design and create fun and challenging activities whilst developing their programming and debugging skills.

Buy InO-Bot Scratch Programmable Bluetooth Floor Robot | TTS (tts-group.co.uk)


IZAK Cubes (10 sets)

Izak9 Maths cubes provide unparalleled opportunities for improving children's mental health and wellbeing while learning mathematics. The high levels of social interaction, communication and problem solving available to them via Izak9's use is rich and rewarding, helping raise attitudes to maths and eradicate any fear factor that may have been exacerbated by isolated learning.

Layout 1 (izak9.com)



LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitation methodology developed at The Lego Group. Since 2010 it is available under an open source community-based model. Its goal is improving creative thinking and communication. People build with Lego bricks 3-dimensional models of their ideas and tell stories about their models. Hence the name "serious play".[2]

What is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®? | Official LEGO® Shop CC | Official LEGO® Shop GB


Lego We Do Kits

Designed for primary school classrooms, the WeDo 2.0 Core Set is a hands-on solution that enhances pupils' curiosity and skills in computing and science. The set is delivered in a storage bin along with sorting trays, labels, a Smarthub, a Medium Motor, Motion Sensor, a Tilt Sensor, and enough building elements for two pupils.

The accompanying desktop and tablet supported software provides an easy-to-use programming environment and includes the WeDo 2.0 Curriculum Pack, which covers life, physical, earth, and space sciences, as well as engineering. The accompanying eLearning program helps teachers to become confident users of the WeDo 2.0 Core Set.

WeDo 2.0 | Key Stage 1 & 2 STEAM Solution | LEGO® Education


Micro-Bits (10 Sets)

Microsoft’s MakeCode editor is the perfect way to start programming and get creating with the BBC micro:bit. The colour-coded blocks are familiar to anyone who’s previously used Scratch, and yet powerful enough to access all the features of this tiny computer. You can also switch to JavaScript to see the text-based code behind the blocks.

Let's code | micro:bit (microbit.org)


Mindstorms (2 in store)

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® – Invent a Robot

Kids learn best when education is made interactive – and even better when it's creative and fun! You can take playtime to the next level with programmable toys that fulfil exciting different functions. Kids aged 6 to 9 years old and young adults will love learning the basics of coding languages as they assemble, then programme robots to dance, fight and play sport. With a Scratch-based LEGO® MINDSTORMS® app supporting the toys, builders can interact with the toys from their phones, build their own models and share them online on LEGO® Life. These sets are a great next step from the LEGO® BOOST range as girls and boys develop their skills and gain an understanding of how technology and coding work together.

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® | Invent a Robot | Official LEGO® Shop IE



Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps your child to see connections between numbers. From Oxford University Press, it supports your child as they learn early maths skills in nursery and primary school. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means your child learns by seeing and feeling.

Physical resources like the colourful Numicon Shapes are an important part of Numicon. The holes in the Numicon Shapes represent the numbers 1 to 10. When they are arranged in order, as in the picture below, children can easily see connections between numbers, such as ‘one more’ or ‘one less’.

Later on, your child will be able to see more complex mathematical ideas, like how two fours make eight, three twos make six, and so on. This lays the foundation for their understanding of number all the way through school.

Numicon is often taught in primary schools as a whole-school programme, meaning it is their main way of teaching maths. Teachers use worksheets, physical shapes, online activities, and more to teach using Numicon. As well as mainstream maths teaching, Numicon is also sometimes used as an intervention programme to help children struggling with maths.

If your child’s school uses Numicon, they may hold workshops to tell you how it is used in the classroom, and you can always ask your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Numicon guide for parents - Oxford Owl for Home


Samba Drumming Kit

The rhythmic backbone to the band. There are three sizes of this samba drum, commonly called Marcacao, Reposta and Cortador. The Marcacao is the deepest (bom!) sound, so for common Batucada and Reggae grooves it plays the stronger 2nd and 4th beats. The Reposta is then the higher sounding (bim!), usually tuned a 4th note interval above. The Cortador plays a similar role to the drum kit’s high tom. It plays signature rhythms filling in the gaps and for samba reggae is often the iconic offbeat (in between the pulse of the song).

Samba Drum Guide - Swan Samba


Renfrew Language Scales: Set

The Renfrew Language Scales provide a norm-referenced means of assessing children’s speech and language. As they are norm-referenced, a child’s score can be compared with scores achieved by children of a similar age. 

The Action Picture Test is a standardised test that requires children to give samples of spoken language for evaluation. The test considers grammatical structures used, words used to convey information and the grammatical structures used such as nouns, verbs, prepositions, tenses, irregular forms of plural and past tenses, simple and complex sentences construction etc. For use with 3 to 8 year olds.

The Renfrew Expressive Vocabulary Test (REV) is a quick and easy tool to assess children’s expressive vocabulary. It is designed for children between the ages of 3 years and 11 years and 11 months. The REV assesses the extent to which pictures of words, arranged in order of difficulty, can be named correctly. The REV contains 100 colour picture cards, an instruction booklet, and a scoring form. 

Bus Story Test Revised Test. The age level of consecutive speech used in retelling a story can be assessed from the information content, sentence length and grammatical usage. Includes a coloured picture story book, photocopiable scoring forms and manual, but requires use of audio recording equipment. Suitable for 3–8-year-olds.



Sphero Kit (15 Spheros)

The Sphero Mini Activity Kit has everything you need to get rolling and playing. Drive and game with the Sphero Play App or code and learn with the Sphero Edu App. Complete all the challenges and games and then create your own fun—the possibilities are endless. 

Sphero Mini Activity Kit – CreativeHUT-Ireland (creative-hut.ie)


Station Teaching in Junior Classes Book

Station Teaching occurs when a class is divided into four or five small groups of pupils and they receive intensive tuition at the four or five different Literacy Station with the help of Support Teachers focusing on New Reading, Familiar Reading, Phonics/Word Work, Writing and Oral Language.

Station Teaching in junior classes provides a practical guide for teachers and student teachers on the implementation of Station Teaching by offering:

Guidance for teachers on setting up Station Teaching in class including organisational issues, a list of useful resources and planning sheets.

Advice on literacy activities at the stations

Detailed instruction for teachers running station in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First classes.

The suggestion of Assessment Approaches

Feedback from Teachers, parents and pupils on the effectiveness of Station Teaching

Training DVD 1 – Presentation by Author on setting up Station Teaching in Junior Classes followed by one minute clip of each of the four literacy Stations in a Senior Infant Class

Training DVD 2 – Video Recording of a Station Teaching class in Senior Infants showing a full eight-minute at each of the four literacy Station – New Reading, Familiar Reading, Phonics and Writing

Station Teaching in Junior Classes - Outside the Box Learning Resources (otb.ie)


STEM Projects

TEST2r is a tool to assist teachers in the classroom to devise a programme to meet the learning needs of each pupil. It is composed of a screening test, designed to be administered by the teacher in a classroom. If required, an accompanying diagnostic test will identify particular sub-skills not yet mastered by the child.

This test is based on the literature regarding reading development and sub-skills required by children to become competent and flexible readers. As such, the tool is designed for use by children at the age of 5/6 years.

Login (test2r.ie)



TEST2r is a tool to assist teachers in the classroom to devise a programme to meet the learning needs of each pupil. It is composed of a screening test, designed to be administered by the teacher in a classroom. If required, an accompanying diagnostic test will identify particular sub-skills not yet mastered by the child.

This test is based on the literature regarding reading development and sub-skills required by children to become competent and flexible readers. As such, the tool is designed for use by children at the age of 5/6 years.

Login (test2r.ie)


Ukulele (2 x sets of 15)

The ukulele , also called a uke, is a member of the lute family of instruments of Portuguese origin and popularized in Hawaii. It generally employs four nylon strings. The tone and volume of the instrument vary with size and construction. Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

Ukulele - Wikipedia



VEX 123 is an interactive, programmable robot that takes Computer Science and Computational Thinking off of the screen and brings them into the hands of elementary students.

Home - VEX Robotics



VEX GO is an affordable STEM construction system that taps into children's natural inquisitiveness. VEX GO utilizes the VEX IQ plastic construction system and adapts it for elementary students.

Home - VEX Robotics



For clinical, educational, or research teams who need to measure comprehensive listening, speaking, reading, writing, and math skills--including the new Phonemic Proficiency subtest and automated scoring for the Essay Composition subtest--the WIAT-4 links directly to the WISC-V and KABC-2 NU for children, adolescents, and adults. The WIAT-4 is the most current version of the WIAT. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test | Fourth Edition (WIAT-4) (pearsonassessments.com)


YARC Assessment

A more detailed analysis of reading skills: reading accuracy, reading rate and comprehension.

The York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) is an individually administered reading assessment that allows you to closely observe a pupil’s reading behaviours, strengths and areas for development. When using YARC, the component skills of reading are broken down to allow you to find precise areas to target to bring about rapid progress. Parallel forms of the assessment allow you to measure the impact of interventions.

An ideal follow-up assessment, YARC can be used to assess and monitor pupil progress across a wide range of reading skills in as little as 20 minutes.

By providing an in-depth analysis of a pupil’s reading ability, including Standard Age Scores, age equivalent scores and percentile ranks for comprehension, rate and fluency, YARC helps you identify specific problems to inform appropriate interventions.

York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC) - GL Assessment (gl-assessment.co.uk)


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