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Making Maths Fun for Children: Webinar 2. How to Establish Positive Attitudes Towards Maths 28.3.2023 Cancelled

This course will outline ways in which maths education can be made accessible, relatable and enjoyable for children. The Action Research Model will be used to outline the key areas of maths that children do not find enjoyable and from this a comprehensive action plan will be designed. A journey of self-discovery will ensue as teachers and facilitators reflect on their own educational values and the impact they have on practice. There will be an outline of methodologies, skills and knowledge that can be applied to help develop children’s attitude towards maths and their enjoyment of the subject. This will be done while enabling children to build confidence in themselves and their mathematical ability along the way. There will be a review of the role of homework in relation to maths education and skills and strategies will be discussed in relation to this. The course will conclude with a study of assessing maths in the classroom.

Making Maths Fun for Children is a course that will be delivered over five stand-alone sessions, each session must be booked individually. 

2. How to Establish Positive Attitudes Towards Maths    28.3.2023

3. Methodologies that can Make Maths Fun     18.4.2023

4. Maths for Homework: Does it Work?     25.4.2023

5. Assessing Maths in the Classroom     2.5.2023

Learning outcomes:

1.     Recognise the importance of agency in the primary classroom, its role in promoting a positive attitude towards mathematics and an appreciation of both its practical and its aesthetic aspects.
2.     Establish key methodologies that develop problem-solving abilities and facilitate the application of mathematics to everyday life.
3.    Implement an action plan in the classroom that aids the development of a positive attitude towards maths education. 

Facilitator: Matthew Whyte - mainstream primary teacher.  I sought to further develop my practices around the area of Maths Education by completing a M.Ed. (Research in Practice) in Maynooth University in 2020, where I analysed how children’s attitude towards maths could be developed with the aim of making the subject more enjoyable and meaningful. I designed a research project around this using the action research model. The results and findings from this, in conjunction with relevant literature, has informed the structure of this proposed course. I have delivered presentations to current B.Ed. and PME students around the areas of developing student attitude towards maths in Maynooth University as a guest lecturer and have spoken about the area of making maths fun and meaningful to children in a myriad of staff meetings.

I have since returned to Marino Institute of Education to work as a lecturer and supervisor, delivering content to all year groups across the domain of primary mathematics education.


Course Properties

Course date 28-03-2023 3:30 pm
Course End Date 28-03-2023 4:30 pm
Cut off date 26-03-2023 3:15 pm
Individual Price Free
Speaker Matthew Whyte
Number Hours 1
Location ZOOM online

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