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Please book your place on  www.laoisedcentre.ie, you will receive a confirmation of booking email on booking and a reminder email closer to the date. Please ensure your email address is correct on the booking site as this is the email address used for all correspondence emails and zoom links.

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Course Course date Location Individual Price Register
The Regulated Primary Classroom for Teachers and SNAs 18.10.2021 18-10-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Cracking the Code: What makes Early-grades texts special? 19.10.2021 - cancelled 19-10-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Digital Resources for Gaeilge & the Arts for NQT's (Newly Qualified Teachers) 19.10.21 19-10-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Webinar 4: Communicating with EAL Learners and Families 20.10.2021 20-10-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Introducing Restorative Practice for Primary & Post-Primary Schools 20.10.2021 20-10-2021 7:30 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Putting Your Self-Care Mask on 21.10.2021 21-10-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
The Student Support File for Children with Special Educational Needs (Primary & PP) 21.10.2021 21-10-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Setting SMART targets in the Student Support File (Primary and Post-Primary Teachers) 1.11.2021 01-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Everything you Need to Know About Climate and Nature and how to Make a Difference? 1.11.2021 01-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Exploring Numicon in the Classroom for Primary Teachers 2.11.2021 02-11-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Digital Resources for SESE for Newly Qualified Teachers 02.11.21 02-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
First Aid Fundamentals for Schools 2.11.2021 02-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €10.00
Lift Off to Literacy – and Beyond! 3.11.2021 03-11-2021 4:30 pm ZOOM online €0.00
ASD Class Teachers Support Group 3.11.2021 03-11-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Webinar 5: Panel Discussion How best can we support the Learners in our Classrooms for whom English is an Additional Language? 3.1.2021 03-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
A 5-step Study of Autism in our Schools for Primary and Post-primary SNAs - changed to 4.11.2021 04-11-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €20.00
Reducing Anxiety in Children aged 4-14 Years: FEARless Free Zoom Webinar for Parents 10.11.2021 10-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Putting Your Self-Care Mask on 11.11.2021 11-11-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
The Power of Podcasting: Creating a School Podcast 11.11.21 & 18.11.21 11-11-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
The Middle Leader – a Key Member of the Primary and Post-Primary School Community 11.11.2021 11-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €20.00
Talking Buddies: Language Development Strategies for Ji-First Class Teachers 16.11.2021 16-11-2021 4:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Sustained Wellness for the Teacher in Challenging Times 16.11.2021 16-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Webinar 6: EAL Learners, Direct Provision and the International Protection Accommodation System 18.11.2021 18-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Collaborative Play Therapy for ASD & ADHD Primary Teachers Webinar 22.11.2021 22-11-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Down Syndrome - An overview of learning strengths & challenges in Primary Schools 23.11.2021 23-11-2021 6:30 pm ZOOM online €0.00
The Positive Classroom for Primary Teachers 23.11.2021 23-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Using evidence based interventions to teach students with SEN (Primary & PP) 24.11.2021 24-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Teachers Using Puppets in the Primary Classroom 30.11.2021 30-11-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Reviewing the Student Support Plan to evaluate progress (P/PP) 6.12.2021 06-12-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00

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