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Course Course date Location Individual Price Register
Managing Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom for Primary & Post-Primary SNAs 19.4.2021 19-04-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Oral Language Development for the Primary School English Language Learner 19.4.2021 19-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Reducing Anxiety in Children aged 4-14 Years: FEARless Free Zoom Webinar for Parents 20.4.2021 20-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
OLCS Training for Post-Primary Schools 21.4.2021 21-04-2021 11:00 am ZOOM online €0.00
Primary Deputy Primary Principals Support Group 22.4.2021 22-04-2021 4:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
ESCI: Wellbeing Together for School Leaders 22.4.2021 22-04-2021 4:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
ASD Class Teachers Support Group 22.4.2021 22-04-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Teaching Handwriting 22.4.2021 22-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Suicide Bereavement Workshop: Teachers and key contact people providing support to those bereaved through suicide 24.4.2021 24-04-2021 9:30 am ZOOM online €0.00

Sorry, the event is now full and we could not accept more registration

Introduction to Self-Harm Webinar for Teachers, SNAs & Parents 26.4.2021 26-04-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Special Education Post-Primary Teachers Support Group 26.4.2021 26-04-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Adapting to Change, Reflecting for the Future, Cosán online workshops series co-hosted by The Teaching Council and ESCI 26.4.2021 Workshop 3 26-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
English as an Additional Language (EAL): Bilingual English-Irish Shared Reading for the Linguistically Diverse Junior Primary Classroom 26.4.2021 26-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
The Student Support File for Children with Special Educational Needs (Primary Teachers) 27.4.2021 27-04-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Testing using Python for LC Computer Science 27.4.2021 27-04-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
School Leaver Options for Young Adults with Disabilities Pathways to Inclusion in Education and Work with National Learning Network ((Parent & Student Webinar) 27.4.2021 27-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Collaborative Play Therapy for ASD & ADHD Primary Teachers Webinar 28.4.2021 28-04-2021 6:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Thriving After Covid: Psychological Steps of Recovery for Teachers, SNAs and Pupils 29.4.2021 29-04-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Setting SMART targets in the Student Support File (Primary and Post-Primary Teachers) 4.5.2021 04-05-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
ESCI: Wellbeing Together for School Staff 5.5.2021 05-05-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Support Group for Teachers in Special School 5.5.2021 05-05-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Integrating Sensory Play into your Classroom for Primary Teachers 6.5.2021 06-05-2021 4:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Developing Positive Mental Health in Children in the School Setting Primary Teachers and SNAs 6.5.2021 06-05-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Developing Leadership, Values & Rapport: Applying the principles and practices of coaching to empower student voice in our schools 6.5.2021 06-05-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
CSL Coaching Primary Principals Leadership through Uncertainty 18.5.2021 18-05-2021 4:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs in the Mainstream Classroom (Primary Teachers) 18.5.2021 18-05-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Teacher Online Zoom Breathing & Recovery Space 19.5.2021 19-05-2021 7:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Moving from the Mainstream Classroom to SET (Primary Teachers) 1.6.2021 01-06-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Planning for Children with Special Educational Needs (Primary Teachers) 8.6.2021 08-06-2021 5:00 pm ZOOM online €0.00
Coaching Skills for School Leaders Sept 2021 29-09-2021 6:30 pm ZOOM online €50.00

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