Communicating as a professional: Conversation as reflective inquiry 8.11.2022

Good teachers become better teachers by talking about their learning’.
(Stoll and Fink, 1996)
Effective communication is a critical component of an effective school. Good communication results in teachers being able to collaborate easily and successfully. Collaboration amongst teachers in schools, in teams, in working groups, has become almost a requirement due to the complexity of schools and within the education sector. Research shows the positive repercussions of close teacher collaboration for student learning.

Talk as reflective inquiry (Holmund-Nelson et al.2010), suggest that developing collegial talk focused on inquiry, involves harnessing conflicting views, negotiating meanings, ‘asking and answering probing questions’, ‘recognising the value of cognitive conflict (for) deeper understanding about the complexities of teaching and learning’, ‘using appropriate tools/protocols’ and ‘being intentional and accountable for the nature of the dialogue’ (ibid: 178).
This webinar for primary and post-primary teachers will outline some of the essential personal skills that assist the teacher in being able to speak openly and honestly about teaching and learning. It will address areas such as;
• Deep listening
• The importance of trust
• Empathy
• Personal integrity
• Courage
• Encouragement
• Coaching

Learning intentions:
• Participants may deepen their awareness of the importance of listening within the communicative space
• To introduce the concept of reflective conversations in schools as an extension to individual and group reflective practice

Facilitator:   Carmel Lillis, Advanced Dip. in Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching, M.Ed, B.A. Carmel has worked as a school principal and as a part-time lecturer on leadership courses in Maynooth University. She now works as an independent consultant and coach. Carmel also pursues research with Dr. Gerry Jeffers, MU.  Their recent research 'Responding to Educational Inequality in Ireland; Harnessing teachers’ perspectives to develop a framework for professional conversations' has been published by Education Studies:

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Course date 08-11-2022 7:00 pm
Course End Date 08-11-2022 8:00 pm
Cut off date 08-11-2022 4:40 pm
Individual Price Free
Speaker Carmel Lillis
Number Hours 1
Location ZOOM online

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